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4-2 MLB Recap

Well, today was ugly. The lack of early season data, especially with these rule changes is a problem for any data model. That said, we own the losses, and will be more cautious for at least the next week or so.

In the early going this season the record stands at -2.7u

The Breakdown:

F5 sides: 1-3-2 -.5u Totals: 0-3 -1.5u

Sides: 1-1 +.25u

K Props: 2-7 -1u

The K prop problem leaps of the scree. We'll be shelving those until we get more data and the pitchers have more of a chance to figure out the clock. Glad we kept the wagers small on these.

Tomorrow is a busy Monday. We'll have some more plays to be sure.

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