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Busy Night 3-30

Lots going on tonight with six more plays.

Cubs (Hendricks) +111 vs Rangrs (Bradford)

Over 9.5 -106

Not sure how Cody Bradford is favored here, despite the Rangers mighty offense. We have this as a Cubs -150. Early season numbers can be erratic, but you have to play that. We expect some runs tonight in Arlington.

Yankees (Stroman) +118 vs Astros (Brown)

Yankees should be favored pretty substantially over Hunter Brown. Stroman making his Yankees debut in a game which should feature a lot of scoring.

DBacks (Henry) -170 vs Rockies (Gomber)

The Rockies are a sad, sad ball club right now. There is a limit on how high that number can get before I'll back off, but -170 ain't it.

Red Sox (Crawford) +140 vs Mariners (Gilbert)

Under 7.5 -115

Crawford over 6.5k +129

Crawford started really putting it together late last season. He may on the verge of a breakthrough. Gilbert can obviously hold up his end at home, and looks like another duel in the great northwest.

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