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The new season is finally here, and everyone starts out at zero. Over the off season we've made improvements in the model, especially with regard to KProps for starters, and the bull pen ratings that go into our sides and totals calculations.

Early in the season we like to wade in slowly until until some significant data can be piled up. We will start out with quarter units on K-props, and half units on sides and totals.

New this year, we are going to try to jump the early K-prop lines. For side sand totals we prefer to wait for lineups (and we may end up there on the ks as well), but for now we are going to move in early before the lines move.

K-props for tomorrow. (.25 units each)

Bieber under 6.5 -130

Valdez under 5.5 +100

Pablo Lopez under 5.5 +120

Good luck and follow us on Pikkit! (databall)

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