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Closing Up May

May baseball is done. It was a month where we started very bad (following a bad April) and ended strong, netting out a narrow profit.

Our theory is that the model, successful last season, needed fresh stats. This is always true to a degree at the start of any season. But with fairly radical rules changes this year, last year's stats were even less meaningful than usual. We hope that the upward trend is an indication of things to come, and a profitable summer ahead.


money line: 38-39 + .43 units. ROI: 0.8%

totals: 31-28-6 +2.5 units ROI: 5.6%

props: 30-37 -1.75 units ROI: -9.7%

net: +1.18 units ROI: 1.2%

On to June!

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