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MLB 4-23 Early

We've got two sides and two K Props in the early window today.

K Props, half unit each:

Hunter Green over 7.5 +105

Clayton Kershaw under 5.5 +118

Green has averaged better than 8 ks in last six road starts. Put a big strike zone ump like Blaser behind the dish, and a Pirates lineup that strikes out 13% more often than average, and we think he might hit this one early.

Conversely Kershaw averages only about 4.2 ks over his last six road starts. He is facing a Cubs team that strikes out 20% less than average against lefties. He might pitch well, but we think he will struggle to get to 5.5.

Unsurprisingly, our two sides are related. (1 unit each)

Cubs (Stroman) +128 v Dodgers (Kershaw)

Reds (Greene) -104 v Pirates (Velasquez)

Stroman has some honestly dazzling numbers for a Wrigley field pitcher. We just think the wrong team is favored here. And with Velasquez on the mound, the Pirates have an uphill fight against the young flamethrower, Greene. Good luck. More later.

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