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MLB 4-26 Evening

We return to action with a win this afternoon as the Brewers and Tigers (barely) keep it under 8.5. A cash is a cash.

Tonight we have two plays, but they are both #DoubleDown 2 unit plays. DoubleDown plays are 3-2 so far this season, we hope to add some margin tonight.

Braves (Elder) -140 v Marlins (Alcantara) 2u

Cubs (Smyly) -110 v Padres (Wacha) 2u

Alcantara has not looked like Cy Young on the road in all but a few of his last several starts going through last September. If he continues to be ordinary in these spots, we don't see how Miami can score enough to keep up with the Atlanta bats.

In Chicagoland, Smyly's projected numbers continue to astound inside the friendly confines. Cubs shouldn't need to do too much against Michael Wacha to take down the win.

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