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MLB 5-1

Ready for a fresh start in May, the model has 4 plays tonight on the limited MLB card. They are each for one unit.

Red Sox (Kluber) +144 v Blue Jays (Berrios)

Giants (Stripling) +162 v Astros (Garcia)

Guardians-Yankees under 8.5 - 115

Giants-Astros over 8.5 -115

The Red Sox game we have as just a case of the wrong team being favored. For all of Kluber's faults, Berrios has more.

We are taking the Giants because the model thinks this game is mispriced. The Astros will probably turn back into the Astros at some point. But they have wildly underperformed in the young season. Until the "real Astros" reappear, making them nearly a 2-1 just isn't justifiable.

Good luck!

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