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MLB 5-16

The model is giving some plays tonight. Mostly totals, but also a side and a k prop.

Rays-Mets under 4.5 F5 +100

Verlander's home numbers are spectacular. Chirnos and Beeks should keep this Mets offense in check.

Mariners-Red Sox over 10 -105

Subpar pitching on both sides and the Green Mahnsta looming.

Brewers-Cardinals over 8.5 - 105

The Cards scored 19 last night on their own. This Brewer bullpen has not improved since then. We like Miley, but not much confidence in Montgomery to keep the lid on.

Cubs-Astros over 7.5 -115

We don't have a real complaint against with either pitcher, but the model is pumping up the final based on HP ump Chris Guccione. This guy tends to ump games that have scores the NFL would appreciate.

Luis Castillo under 4.5 Ks.

His average K number in road games is already under under the line, and we add to that the fact that this Red Sox lineup just does not strike out a lot.

Good luck!

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