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MLB 5-20

Heading out to family event (ugh) and won't be able to post later, so some of these picks are going out pre-lineup, which we hate. But it is what it is.

5 Plays today:

Orioles (Rodgriguez) +120 v Blue Jays (Manoah)

Orioles - Blue Jays F5 over 5 -120

G-Rod is a work in progress, but not sure what Manoah is now.

Rays (Eflin) -200 v Brewers (Lauer)

Hate to lay that much wood, but We have the Rays as an even higher should-be line.

Angels (Sandoval) -120 v Twins (Varland)

Definitely a play against Varland. We have the Angels as a should-be of about -150.

Dodgers - Cardinals over 4.5 F5 -132

Bot h of these teams have better bullpens than starters today.

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