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MLB 6-14 Late Night

Adding two plays from the late card.

Guardians-Padres under 8.5 -105

We think Aaron Civale is one of the most under rated pitchers in baseball. Civale and Wacha together with the Friars' bullpen should be able to keep the scoring low enough that even the Guardians bullpen can't push this to 9.

White Sox (Clevinger) +225 v Dodgers (Kershaw)

"Seriously?" you say. "The White Sox are a mess and they are up against Kershaw," you say. "The Dodgers should kill them," you insist. Here's the thing: We AGREE with you. Our numbers show that the Sox should be a big dog, just not THIS big a dog. This is still a game about the numbers, not the teams. We expect to lose this bet about 63% of the time, and make money.

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