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MLB 6-6 Early

Busy night.

Royals (Greinke) +150 v Marlins (Luzardo)

We make the Marlins only a slight favorite in this, so we're taking the good plus money on strictly a numbers play.

Dodgers (Gonsolin) -170 v Reds (Weaver)

Hate to see Elly's big debut be ruined, but the Dodgers should be significantly mor than this over the Reds. We put fair odds at around -230.

Mets (Carrasco) +150 v Braves (Elder)

Hate to be the guy who just keeps betting the Mets, but this is another case of the favorite being legit, just not nearly THAT legit. We have the Mets as closer to +110 fair odds.

Phillies (Walker) -168 v Tigers (Hill)

Tigers pulling the old opener / "bulk guy" nonsense here with Alexander and Hill. They can arrange their bad pitchers however they like, the Phils should be north of -200 here.

A's-Pirates F5 under 4.5 +100

Keller is Keller, and Kaprielian actually has respectable projections here against a weak offensive team.

White-Sox-Yankees F5 over 4.5

Going F5 here because we think the bullpens here are better than the starters.

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