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MLB 6-7

A few tonight:

Royals (Lyles) +162 v Marlins (Cabrera)

An ugly game. This is an example of a game where the we think the team we are betting is actually less that 50/50 to win, but it's close enough that we are taking the big number. We have the fair number on KC at +123.

Mets (Scherzer) +115 v Braves (Morton)

The model must be a Mets season ticket holder the way it keep producing Mets calls. They can't lose *every* game, right? We have this as a wrong side favored game, where the Mets should be the team at -115.

Cardinals (Flaherty) +130 v Rangers (Gray)

We have this one as something close to a coin toss. We'll flip a coin at +130 all day.

Mets-Braves over 9.5 -105

Both starters have seen better days, and neither bullpen is blowing us away either. We have this one playing well into double digits.

Orioles-Brewers over 8

Unfortunately Burnes is not himself this season. Also unfortunately, Dean Kremer is totally himself. Eight is too low here. good luck!

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