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MLB Prime Play 6-25

We have two prime plays this afternoon, both in the same game.

Marlins (Perez) -165 v Pirates (Oviedo)

Pirates-Marlins over 7 -105

We finally have enough data on Perez to feel good about putting a rating on him, and it is, as expected, outstanding. Perez checks in with a home run suppression number of .71. (runs surrendered, 71% of average) Combined proportionately with a perfectly average available bullpen number, our offensive projection for the Pirates comes in at 3.3

On the flip side, the Buccos starter (Oviedo) and the available bullpen number rate out to 1.18. The Marlins start out with an offensive output number a run and a half better than the Pirates. By the time all modifiers are applied, we put fair no vig odds on the Marlins at -199, and the mean expected total at 10.

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