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NBA Picks 3-29

Grizzlies - 2.5

Here we are making the first public picks on this site and already we are breaking our rule about NBA sides. The surprise announcement that Kawhi Leonard will be out tonight for the Clippers on the road in Memphis has made this too tempting a play. The model has a George-and-Leonard-less Clipper team losing soundly to the Grizz despite all the missing players on the home side.

We like the Grizzlies -2.5. We would like them up to -4.

Sixers-Mavericks, under 232.

In typical NBA fashion we are still waiting on word for Joel Embiid and James Harden in the Sixers title against the reeling Mavericks. Out model believes that the total of ~232 is too high. We like the under down to 228. This play becomes *less* attractive if Embiid and Harden do not play. The Sixers have been a slow plodding mudder of a team the last several weeks making the model read under 232 as a play, however they get quicker without those players. We think there is enough margin in this either way to call it a play.

Elsewhere in the NBA, we like Nets-Rockets under 229.5

Edit- Just after publishing, it was reported that Embiid and Harden will both be plodding for the Sixers tonight. Hit the under.

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