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NBA 3-31

There's a busy night in the NBA and we've been surprised to find a number of ratable games.

We are continuing to go back to the well from which we've drawn a very successful season: NBA totals:

Magic - Wizards Over 225

Pistons-Rockets Under 228.5

Sixers - Raptors Under 224

Kings - Trail Blazers Under 231.5

Nuggets - Suns Under 227.5

That last one is interesting in that if Jokic plays, we like this very marginally, but if he doesn't, we LOVE it. If he didn't bear the "questionable" tag, it would not have made the list, but all in all, we think it is a +EV play.

There are actually a few others that could turn into bets depending on injury news. If Kawhi plays, we lean towards Clippers - Grizzlies over 236.5. If Caruso and/or Drummond play in Chicago, we lean Hornets-Bulls under 225.

NBA is not over yet!

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