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NBA Season is in Full Swing!

NBA season is a our favorite time of year. We find NBA totals to be the most model friendly -and therefore beatable- market in all of sports betting.

It still early enough that we are in data building mode. We are making some plays, but keeping the governor on.

Many of our bets come late at night as the overnight lines come out. We'll post our picks here, but for the fastest access to our plays follow us on pikkit (@databall). Many of the lines will move overnight and by the time we post here will no longer be available.

Tonight we have:

Wizards-76ers over 227.5

Celtics-Timberwolves under 225.5

Kings-Rockets under 219

Jazz-Bulls under 223.5

All of these plays are for .75 units as we wade in carefully here in the early going. Good luck if you are tailing.

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