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Opening Day Early Slate

Getting ready for the start of another season. Early on we limit each play to a half unit max until we can build up some data. We have five(!) early plays.

Padres (Darvish) -110 vs Giants (Webb).

Logan Webb has slightly better number here than Darvish, but the Friars have the advantage everywhere else. They have more pop and a better bullpen. Pads take the opener.

Blue Jays (Berrios) +120 vs Rays (Eflin)

OVER 7.5

Eflin is a pitcher that started out nearly untouchable last season before tailing off badly in the second half. Which Eflin shows up? We'll bet against him until he shows us different. We also think there are enough pitching questions to get us over the 7.5.

Yankees (Cortes) +132 vs Astros (Valdez)

Cortes and Valdez are two formerly very tough pitchers who really lost it last year. We are betting on Cotes recovering something close to his former self here. The 'Stros lineup is super-strong but closer to mortal against leftys.

Angels Vs Orioles OVER 7.5

We don't have enough confidence in the Os to lay -180, but we think they score early and often off of Sandoval and the Angels despite the weather.

Pirates Vs Marlins OVER 7.5

No weather in the dome and we do not love either of these pitching staffs.

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