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Opening Night

Adding two half unit plays to the six early ones, plus 2 more KPROPs.

Cubs vs Rangers OVER 8.5

Runs in Texas. What else is new?

A's (Wood) +132 vs Guardians (Bieber)

The A's aren't going to win many games this year, but the new-in-town lefty Alex Wood gives them a real shot in this one. We have them as a should-be small favorite.

Zac Gallen OVER 6.5 Ks +125

Don't like taking overs on strikeouts early in the season, but Gallen can mow them down and the Rockies know how to swing and miss. We make the fair number 8.2.

Luis Castillo OVER 6.5 -136

See above for our reservations, but we think Castillo could flirt with double digits in the one.

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