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Prime Plays 6-29 Afternoon

We have a side, a total, and a rare prop (!) this afternoon.

A's (Harris) +170 v Yankees (Schmidt)

A's-Yankees under 8.5 -115

We would ordinarily refrain from rating this game due to limited data on Harris, but we do have nearly enough to meet our threshold, and the setup here is to good to ignore.

If you excuse Harris' first rocky appearance back in April, his numbers have been exceptional. In 6 starts he has surrendered 12 runs in 32.2 innings. His PRS number is what Harry Kalas might have called "a lusty" .33. That is off the charts good, and certainly unsustainable, but still hard to ignore.

On the other side Clarke Schmidt's woes are well documented. His road PRS number is 1.21. Not a true disaster, but weak enough to boost this anemic Oakland lineup. We expect a low scoring game with the A's having the edge.

On a side note, although we deal in data here, we can't help wondering how many Yankees were up until 4:00AM at a perfect game celebration.

Lance Lynn over 6.5 Ks +112

We have been avoiding props lately after a bad run, but this one is getting our attention. Lynn has averaged 7.2 strikeouts per in his last 6 road starts. Now he faces an Angels lineup that strikes out at alarming rates. We think the plus money on over 6.5 is amazing, and wouldn't be opposed to alternate lines as high as 8.5.

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