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Prime Plays 7-4 Evening

A 4th of July 4-pack tonight.

Padres (Musgrove) -145 v Angels (Ohtani)

Padres-Angels over 7.5

Not to be THAT guy but as great as Shohei is, his road numbers as a pitcher are actually not good. He has a sky high PRS number of 1.78 measured over his last six road starts. His opposite number, Mr Musgrove checks in with a very strong .67.

We are expecting runs to be scored in this on, and most of them by the home club. Lay the wood, and laugh at that 7.5 total.

White Sox (Giolito) +104 vs Blue Jays (Bassitt)

Blue Jays-White Sox over 8.5

Another double dip side and total game. Chris Bassitt has been a Bassitt and Hyde case on the road recently. In his last six he has two great outings, and four god-awful showings. It works out to a poor PRS number of 1.67. Stop me if you've heard this, but Lucas Giolito has gotten it together after a poor start to the season. He comes on at .82 over the last six home starts.

We have this White Sox lineup getting 7.3 runs off of Blue Jay pitching tonight. Will just take a couple from the road team to get this to the over.

Happy 4th of July.

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