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Prime Plays 7-5 Late

A few more for the late shift.

Mets (Carrasco) +126 v Dbacks (Nelson)

Mets-Dbacks over 10

The Mets starter, Carrasco, comes in with numbers that will not make anyone tremble. He has a weak PRS number (1.25), and averages recoding only 14.6 outs in his last six road starts.

The Diamondbacks problem is that their guy is just so much worse. Ryne Nelson is just not a major league pitcher right now. He comes in with a crazy PRS number of 1.92. These lineups are both above average in projected runs. Throw in a couple of subpar bullpens and we expect a high scoring game with the Mets coming out on top.

Dodgers-Pirates over 8.5

We've been waiting for a Pirates lineup, like we do most days (what is the deal with them?) But unless something weird comes out this one adds up to runs.

If Urias is himself (very good), we have a mean total of 11.0 on this one. If he is still dealing with linger issues from his injury, it can only go up. Not only is the Pirates pitching wanting, the secret over weapon here is home plate ump John Libka. In his last 44 games behind the plate (going back to last season), Libka games average 15% more runs scored than the average.

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