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Prime Plays MLB 6-26

We have two totals tonight for MLB Prime Plays.

Brewers-Mets under 8.5.

All four pitching run suppression calcs are better than average in this one:

Rea: .91 Brewers Pen: .8

Verlander: .65 Mets Pen: .98

This breaks down the Mets slightly above average run projection and the Brewers poor offense to a projected score of 3.74-2.69. Go under.

Nationals-Mariners over 8

Pitching projections here are strong for Seattle, but very poor for the Nats:

Williams: 1.47 Nats Pen: 1.59

Castillo: .77 Mariners Pen: .83

We project a final here of 10.65 -3.7, easily clearing the eight run number.

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