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What is Data Ball?

Data Ball is a project created by data professionals, with a goal of making a profit on sports betting. We are first, foremost, and by career, data people. We are not touts.

We develop data models for determining probabilities in sporting events. Developing models is hard, and it is an ongoing process. No model is ever perfect or finished. That said, we believe we have developed three models that provide significant edges relative to the betting markets: MLB sides, "MLB K Props," and NBA totals. The NBA sadly is just about done for this year but we are excited about the return of Major League Baseball.

We intend to wade in slowly this season, as the major rules changes in baseball have cast some doubt on the model that we found success with last year. But the deeper into the season we go, the more new data will accumulate which we will use as a guide.

We intend post our selections based on the model at least five days a week. We will update our season totals at the same time. We intend to grade ourselves honestly, and encourage you to do the same. Come along for the ride!

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