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March 29 - Evening

Some plays for tonight in this young season

DBacks (Kelly) -217 vs Rockies (Quantril)

Under 9

I mean. Right? We don't love to lay that kind of wood, but the model says this should be -300. We're pretty sure that Quantril will have a better night than Freeland, who may still be wandering the desert. We project 7.6 runs total.

Padres (Musgrove) -143 vs Giants (Harrison)

Not sure what to expect from Harrison this season, but judging by his few starts in 2023 he's quite there. We again make this as a massive mispriced favorite, as the Padres should be upwards of -290.

Cardinals (Thompson) +200 vs Dodgers (Miller)

Nothing against Miller, and the Dodgers should legit be the favorite here, but this number is way out of line. Bold prediction: The Dodgers will no go 162-0. This game against an improving lefty is that kind of game they can drop

Red Sox (Pivetta) vs Mariners (Kirby) under 7 +102

We have Kirby as a real deal Cy Young contender and Pivetta ain't chopped liver. Both bullpens are solid.


A. Civale Over 4.5 +114

C. Javier Over 5.5 -129

J Musgrove Over 5.5 -105

G Kirby Over 6.5 +142 (Alt Line)

Good luck!. Let's make some money!

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